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Saturday, October 11, 2014



This is how bears die. It Ain't pretty

 Bear Markets Die too.  It ain`t pretty neither.

Sometimes bears are scary. 

Which one is sticking out of his right side ? Which is next ? Which is fatal?

He never saw that last shot coming.
 17 Bolts left, 3 are usually fatal.

                                                                                               And then there are good bears.

 He never saw that last shot coming.

          Which one is sticking out of his right side ? Which is next ? Which is fatal?  Which of the remaining 17 bolts will kill this bear...

Physical Demand for Gold & Silver?         Rising Interest Rates ?
ISIS ?       Ukraine?            China Dollar Dump?      Russian Dollar Dump?
Failure to Deliver(default);      Hong Kong Riots;       Housing Debacle;
Yellen Mis-speak;       Ebola Scandal;       European Economic Meltdown
Russian Sanction Blowback;    Student Loan Meltdown;  Auto Sub-Prime
IRS Corruption;                                                       NSA Spying Blowback

So which is next? Will it be a lucky shot, or will it take more than 3?

          Like the IRA Provo's often boasted, “They must be lucky 100% of the time.

We, on the other hand, only need be lucky ONCE.” Time is running out for them now, and this is why they are acting so desperately. No one needs a nuclear war over Ukraine, Syria, Saudia Arabia vs. Iran, or China Vs Japan, and yet this is what the Neo-Cons of the current regime are pushing.

Do you think these guys are pushing their luck.   3 crossbow bolts are not only a charm, they are usually fatal unless your Jon Snow.  Leave a comment if you think so....

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 2 Daily KBindex, close week of May 2

We commenced with a BUY / LONG signal April 2, which was subjected to a FALSE NEGATIVE Signal on April 15, 1st Anniversary of the TAX DAY MASSACRE.
Kartel-Breaker Confirmed the April 2 signal April 25th with another positive crossover, and a rising MACD.   This, my observation is that the market forces underneath the physical Gold Market show greater buoyancy to the upside, rather than sinking to the downside, so for now, this market is traded to the upside.

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